I can’t keep up

I could write a three page blog post everyday and still I wouldn’t capture how mostly wonderful and sometimes challenging it is to be Ava’s mom. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about this ever-so-important and pleasurable job of mine. I’m merely sharing with my family and friends how happy it makes me that Ava is a very normal three-year-old.

How is she? She is extreme about everything. Extremely happy, cheerful, outgoing, and lovable. Extremely demanding, whiny, indecisive, and dramatic. My mom recently told a friend of mine that Ava was just like me. Hmm, I think it’s the cheerful, funny and smart part, right mom?

Last week we had a parent-teacher conference at her preschool and her teachers were gushing over how adorable Ava is at school. She LOVES her teachers, but not the other kids yet. They described her as “dreamy” and “not fully into her body.” She doesn’t yet play with the other kids, but she likes to watch them and learn from them. About half of the time she is very generous and the other half she’s quite irrational about taking turns and sharing. Her teachers love her and they don’t even complain that she has a potty accident once a day. What great human beings they are.

We had Ava’s 4th and final birthday party for this year and the night before I said, “Tomorrow we’ll have another party for Ava.”

She replied, “No. Ava just had a party.” So I told her it was just a party for mom and dad. She also likes to tell me, “Ava just went potty.” And, “Ava just eat food.”

And here we go with the cute things Ava’s said lately. . .

Ava: Ava see balloons in my house.

Mom: Yeah, Ava, where did those come from?

Ava: China

Mom: Actually, they are just from Safeway.


Mom: Ava, what do you see in mom’s ear?

Ava: Um, elephant.


Mom: Ava, you’re goofy.

Ava: No, only mom goofy.


Ava: Tomorrow we go little school, big school and office. (Ava’s school is little, I work in a big school and Nathan works in an office. She said that with no prompting from us.)


Ava: Dark, Mom. It’s nighttime. Ava need go sleep. (The time change is really going to throw her off.)


Ava: I don’t like food, Dad, only ice cream.


Ava: I love my mommy. (my favorite)

I’m sure she says, “I love my daddy,” too.


Don’t forget to look at the few new pictures 🙂


2 Responses to I can’t keep up

  1. Lisa & Clara says:

    In hopes of understanding our two Monkey Libras, I found this article:

    “Just because the sign is symbolized by the golden scales of justice, don’t ever think that Libra’s are always perfectly balanced. It seems to be a logical deduction. After all, the purpose of scales is to balance. However, did you ever watch the balancing process on a pair of old-fashioned pharmaceutical scales? The ultimate goal is to get both sides even, but what happens? First one side is low, then the other. Up and down, and they dip until there’s perfect balance.

    Never again will you have a mental picture of a Libran as a calm, perfectly balanced, sweet, gracious and charming individual You’ll have a mental picture of a person who has that kind of disposition half the time. The other half of the time, Libra can be annoying, quarrelsome, stubborn, restless, depressed and confused. Libra is first up, then down. He swings one way, then another. Suddenly, like the scales-perfect balance! It’s heavenly. But there is always that period of weighing and dipping before the moment of heavenly balance is achieved.

    The Libra character is made up of just about equal parts of kindness, gentleness, fairness, plain cussed argumentativeness, stubborn refusal to capitulate, philosophical logic and indecision.” Oh my … and there is more! Now, factor in aspects of Monkey and we definitely have been given a hand full. Oh yeah, Libra is an Air sign. :! Yes Diana, we should worry for our sanity. To read more, go to:

    love, a Scorpio Mom w/ Libra child and Virgo husband ARGHHHHH!!!

  2. Beverly says:

    Love the Avaisms. She is adorable. Who wouldn’t like icecream more than food?


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