Happy 3rd Birthday Ava!

She’s officially a big girl. No more pull-ups, no more high chairs in restaurants, and no more whining (well, maybe a little here and there). Ava’s had the best birthday week. At school on Monday her teacher told a story about how all children start out as little star babies in the sky. They just hang out up there in the heavens with their guardian angels looking for the perfect parents on the earth below. The story goes that Ava spotted a woman with long brown hair and blue eyes and a man with light brown hair, blue eyes and a bit of a beard, and she fell in love with them. She knew she wanted this couple to be her parents. But first, she had to come to the earth through her Chinese parents. Then Ava’s mommy and daddy came all the way across the world to meet Ava and bring her home to her family. After the story, her teacher gave her a star with a bead for a face in the center. She painted the face with brown eyes, brown hair, and deep red lips just like Ava. At first Ava said, “It’s a man in the star.” But I told her it was Ava and she wouldn’t let go of it the entire night.

Tuesday (her actual birthday) we went to the ice cream shop with Papa Jim and our cousins, Jeanette and Sasha. I brought a small piece of cake and some candles for her to blow out. She insisted on wearing her birthday crown and cape that she got the day before from her teacher. She couldn’t have been happier.

Friday, her friends Sofi and Andre came over with gifts and cupcakes and we had ANOTHER party just for Ava. Wow, what a lucky girl!

I’ll leave you with some stats from her 3 year old evaluation today:
-Ava’s 34 3/4 inches long
-27 pounds!!
-10th percentile (on the American charts) for both weight and height!!
-dry skin is under control
-the doctor could see her ear drums for the first time!! (we fill her ears with peroxide about once a week to clear out the dry ear wax. When she first came home the doctor dug and dug to get the build up out)
-yay to mom and dad for limiting her television viewing says the doctor
-after a final hep A shop, flu shot, routine blood work for adopted children, and a TB test, she’s all done with needles for a while- PHEW! (not all of those were done today)
-vision and hearing are fine
-speech is developing well
Dr. B. couldn’t praise us enough. Of course we don’t take all the credit. Ava has an amazing family, wonderful friends, and an incredible school. Not to mention, she’s a survivor and she’s given all of herself to catch up to other 3 year olds. We’re so proud of her and in love with her. We love being Ava’s parents AND IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER!
(Whoa-that’s a lot of caps and exclamation points for me- I must be excited)


3 Responses to Happy 3rd Birthday Ava!

  1. Sabrina & Karen says:

    Happy Birthday Ava!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could she POSSIBLY be any cuter?!! I just LOVE her birthday cape/crown. She looks so joyful. What an exciting year she just ended. She just looks great.

  2. Beverly says:

    Happy Birthday Ava! 3 is a wonderful year.


  3. Wenguo says:

    Happy Birthday Ava! She looks so happy and proud.

    I loved the story of the star. Can we borrow it? I want to tell Shuya the story when she is two in November.

    Kisses and Hugs for Ava.

    Wenguo, Dan, Shuya

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