What’s Ava been up to these days?

Well, she went camping in CO for the first time. We camped in southern CO in our tent and sleeping bags. Car camping was a luxury for me since I’ve only ever backpacked as an adult. Pulling the two-burner camp stove out of the back of the car and preparing eggs, bacon, and potatoes that were stored in the cooler was pretty classy in my book. Ava loved staying in the tent and she especially loves her new kid-sized mummy bag. Her favorite part was peeing in the dirt.

Ava did her second Race for the Cure with Grandma Sandi and family. It’s a special event for our family- a great way to celebrate life with my mom. I just wish they didn’t start so early in the morning. Come to find out Ava is a bear when she only sleeps for six and a half hours. (I probably don’t have as much patience either) But we had a fun time with many of our relatives in Pueblo the night before.

We started Little Treasures Chinese school. It’s an hour every Saturday and we’ll learn some language, some writing, and many things about the Chinese culture. Ava was a star student in the first class. The teacher said her intonation was good and we figure she remembers some of the sounds and maybe even words (although we’re learning Mandarin and she only heard Cantonese in China).

Speaking of language, hers is still coming along beautifully. Last night I said, “Can you put mommy’s glasses on the counter?” She replied, “Of course.” It’s so cool how she’s able to tell me about things in the past now that she knows so many words. The other day I asked if her shoes fit and she said, “Daddy say Ava shoes don’t fit.” She’s right, he always claimed that pair was too big. I love asking her about preschool. She always tells me how someone gave her an owie. She also loves the snacks there. Last night before bed, I asked her about the snack she had that afternoon. She said, “Ava had waffle with butter today. Ava had waffle last week.” Last week? I had know idea she knew that concept. Smart girl.

Well, she’s up now and trying to help me type, so I guess I’m done with this post. Check out the adorable pictures.


One Response to What’s Ava been up to these days?

  1. Sabrina & Karen says:

    Car camping = luxury? Hee hee…I’ve never been anything but camper with air conditioning, toilet and shower kinda camping. LOVE the pix! You guys are SO brave taking a little kid camping. It’s funny to see you all bundled up when we are still ROASTING in the 90’s here. Love the update. Ava looks so great.

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