We did it

Ava, Mommy, and Daddy survived the first full day of preschool. Not only did we survive, but Ava actually had a great day. Nathan practically had to force her to give him a hug and kiss since she had already started playing when they arrived this morning. I picked her up at 4pm and she was still sleeping. They actually got her to sleep on one of those adorable little mats. Of course she had the pretty pillow that I made for her and her new soft blanky 🙂

She ate a lot of the lunch I packed (yes, in the basket, but the basket was too big to fit in the fridge there so I had to buy one without handles tonight and make ribbon handles so Ava can carry it AND it can fit in the fridge). She made a few little clay, um, shapes I suppose you can call them.

I’ll have to get a better look at the snack menu so I can post some of the selections. I can truly say I wish I was eating as well as Ava everyday. As far as the daily activities, they go something like this:

Monday- Gardening
Tuesday- Clean and polish the preschool

Wednesday- Painting
Thursday- Make soup and walk to the park/pond

Friday- Mold with bees wax

We couldn’t be happier about the way Ava will be spending her days while we’re at work.


One Response to We did it

  1. Myrna says:

    Dear Nathan, Diana & Ava,
    Congratulations on your first full day at Preschool. I knew it would go well and I’m sure you did too. Sounds like a wonderful school and I’m sure you are going to see rapid changes in Ava now!!!! She has grown up so much and learned so much and done so much it’s amazing. This is just one more hurdle you all have crossed and many more to go and I am sure they will all go smoothly just like this one!!!!! I wish I was closer so I could watch all these amazing changes but since I can’t I have this blog that you both lovingly keep up to date. I look forward to each and every entry — still one of the first things I do when I get to work. It was hard when I was on vacation — no blog — but it was so much fun when I got back to read several entries at once. Keep it going, it makes me feel connected to all three of you.

    Love you,

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