Some kids ask for milk

But when Ava wants to stall at bedtime, she knows there is one thing she can shout and we’ll come running, “Mommy, booger! Booger on finger!” It’s so funny. She still  whimpers/complains for a few minutes when we tell her good-night, but she has accepted that she once again sleeps in her own bed without  mommy and daddy.  Oh yeah, she’ll lay in there and say, “No mommy, no sleep in big bed.” She’ll tell me to take my glasses off, sit in the chair and read, or sleep on her floor, but I don’t come in  and she eventually stops making the demands. But for some reason I can’t sit there and listen to how she has a booger on her finger. I have to go in, take it off and throw it away. I suppose I could put a kleenex nearby for her to take care of this herself. . .I’ll have to try that tomorrow.

On another sweet note. . . Tonight we had a parents’ meeting at Ava’s preschool and only I went so Nathan could stay home with Ava. While there, we talked about the transition and all the nitty-gritty details. As we talked, we made “dream pillows” for our kids to keep there and use at naptime. First we chose the material, then cut designs out of wool cloth to sew on the pillow. I chose a pink gingham print material and sewed on two hearts, a moon, and a star. We stuffed the pillows with wool, two scoops of lavender and a scoop of camomile.  I’m so proud of the pillow I made for Ava and what a sweet idea!  (I’m not the crafty type and haven’t sewed anything other than holes in clothes since 8th grade- it took me an hour to complete Ava’s pillow)

We were also asked to pack our child’s lunch in a basket- no Carebears lunch box, no hi-tech insulated lunch bag, no re-usable grocery bag, but a basket that is more aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, and natural. I love this place. Imagine if everyone carried their lunch to work in a basket just like little red riding hood. Honestly I love it there and I love how the teacher kept talking about how they try to preserve the magic in childhood. Now I just have to figure out how I can go there all day instead of my job. Hmmm. . .


2 Responses to Some kids ask for milk

  1. Lisa & Clara says:

    What a beautiful thing … I just know Ava’s pillow is infused with so much love, she will have very sweet dreams. The basket idea sounds wonderful, although it would torpedo my efforts to prepare Clara for preschool since all she talks about is her “George bag school.” She really identifies with George … hmmm… And now I can tell Clara that Ava is going to her big girl school as well. So will you need some homespun napkins to send in the basket? Better get crackin’ Diana! And Nathan needs to whittle her some chopsticks (he can come up with some nice carved decoration for the tops) 🙂

  2. Myrna says:

    Dear Nathan & Diana,

    What a lovely post!!!!!! What a lovely idea about the pillow!!!!! I think you guys did amazing with picking out the perfect preschool for Ava. I absolutely loved the pictures and of course, I always love all the blogs. I had to laugh at the booger story. That little girl is pretty darn clever — isn’t she. I’m sitting here laughing (I’m on a Webex conference!) thinking of Ava doing that and Diana, can’t say I blame you, I think I would be running in there as well. Please let us know how the kleenex strategy works. You guys never cease to amaze me . . . you take everything in stride and just keep solving any all all things that come up. I admire that and I admire you both.


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