A Special Guest Post

Hi, I’m Emma, Ava’s cousin. She just let me hold her last week. I’m soooo happy. She cried for about 20 minutes. She has gotten so big she just had her first pony ride. (I saw the pics.)Well you should keep reading and visit Colorado PAULA!!!!

I want to send a shout out to Jeanette. And Kathy also Paula. That’s all about shout outs. I have also another column about Ava, it’s funny how Ava does all the things. It’s cute but I have to admit kinda annoying but still cute.


(I’m not done yet)

She is just so cute I can not stand it!!! It’s great to have her as a cousin. I think that Ava should get more ice cream,

I mean the kid thinks fruit snacks by Gerber is candy!!! OMG!! For those who are not hip (grandma kathy).

oooo my gosh. Anyway next topic is that I have one more shout out for miss. paula and miss. myrna.

I am a bichon frise, i like to weave and eat raw meat with vegtables and sour cream!!!

bye all I’m here all week.

(posted by Emma, 9, my niece)



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